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#Jer OJ3044

Jersey, 5.7 oz
100% certified organic cotton

Made of ring-spun yarns. Soft to the touch. Versatile but well known for T-shirts.


Weight: 6.1 oz/square yd
10.4 oz/linear yd
207.1 gm/square m
Width: 61 in
154.9 cm
Fiber Content: 100% certified organic cotton
Origin: U.S. manufactured from imported yarn
Family: Knit
Categories: Jersey, Knits
Notes: Ask us for spec sheets when making final fabric decisions. Always test the fabric before making a volume purchase or beginning to cut.


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Open stock in natural only.

Stock Status
Minimum Order
Lead Time
Custom dyed custom order 1,000 to 1,200 pounds 4 to 6 weeks plus time to order yarn
Natural open stock bolt of 10 yards 2 to 3 business days if in stock
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