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Organic Cotton Canvas

Assist us in helping you. Tell us what weight you require and what residual shrinkage. Fabric is off white not brown. Colors are not accurate on the computer screen.

#Can OF92-5.5PL-CN
Canvas, 5.5 oz, 92”, natural
#Can OF92-05.5PL-CN Wh
Canvas, 5.5 oz, 92”, white
#Can 120143
Canvas, 6.3 oz, U.S. organic cotton & mfg
#Can 120173
Canvas, 7.2 oz, U.S. organic cotton & mfg
#Can OF63-08PL-CN
Canvas, 8 oz
#Can 120133
Canvas, 9 oz, U.S. organic cotton & mfg
#Can Nat
Canvas, 9 oz, natural
#Can Wh
Canvas, 9 oz, white
#Can PFD
Canvas, 9 oz, PFD
#Can Avo
Canvas, 9 oz, avocado
#Can Blk
Canvas, 9 oz, black
#Can Bro
Canvas, 9 oz, brown
#Can CAR
Canvas, 9 oz, caramel
#Can Dan
Canvas, 9 oz, dandelion yellow
#Can Den
Canvas, 9 oz, denim
#Can Fer
Canvas, 9 oz, fern green
#Can Hib
Canvas, 9 oz, hibiscus pink
#Can HON
Canvas, 9 oz, honey
#Can IBL
Canvas, 9 oz, ice blue
#Can Kha
Canvas, 9 oz, khaki
#Can Lav
Canvas, 9 oz, lavender
#Can MBL
Canvas, 9 oz, marine blue
#Can Nav
Canvas, 9 oz, navy
#Can Nut
Canvas, 9 oz, nutmeg
#Can Pin
Canvas, 9 oz, pink
#Can Plu
Canvas, 9 oz, plum
#Can Red
Canvas, 9 oz, red
#Can STO
Canvas, 9 oz, stone
#Can SWP
Canvas, 9 oz, sweet potato
#Can OG63-10PLCN
Canvas, 10 oz
#Can OF92-10PL-CN
Canvas, 10 oz, 92”
#Can OF-9210-CNPL-002
Canvas, 10 oz, 92”, brushed side
#Can OF63-5.5PL-CN
Canvas (muslin), 5.5 oz

Dyed fabric is available through custom order.
For information, link to the specific fabric page and visit the Order page for steps to order your shade specification.

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Open stock styles change. Prices change.
Email us to confirm specifics in advance of ordering.

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