Sew Eco-Logical is no longer in business.

We are continuing this website as a resource for those seeking organic fabrics.

Sew Eco-Logical • 1-541-556-7472: Reliability, professionalism, and expertise in organic textiles.
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About Sew Eco-Logical

Sew Eco-Logical
2783 Alder Street
Eugene, Oregon 97405 U.S.A.
phone: 1-541-556-7472

Sew Eco-Logical wholesales woven and knit textiles made of certified organic fiber to companies. We also sell 10-yard bolts of some of our fabrics to the general public on our Sew Eco Etsy Shop.

Whether your company is founded on organic, or newly attracted to organic’s sizzle, we will provide quality textiles to your company. Founded in 1998.

Our goal is to provide your company quality organic fiber textiles on-time accompanied by good communication.

Our Mission is:

  • To reduce the release of toxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic compounds into the air, water, and soil by utilizing more and more organic fiber.
  • To provide our employees opportunities to develop to their maximum potential and to be fairly compensated for these contributions.
  • To support living wages and job security for organic fiber farmers worldwide.
  • To work within the industry to research and develop products and processes that will meet organic standards and match non-organic textiles in performance.
  • To create and offer to our customers beautiful textiles of a quality that equals the best of conventional natural fiber textiles.
  • To minimize (1) our use of resources, specifically those that contribute to global warming and (2) our production of waste and pollution.

Sew Eco-Logical Offers:

  • Open stock fabric.
    We offer a basic assortment stocked in the U.S. and sold in roll quantities.
  • Expertise in Manufacturing Organic Fabric.
    We work with your company to develop specifications for the fabric you would like custom manufactured. We provide technical information on certification, manufacturing processes and labeling to our customers.
  • Quality and professionalism.
    We stand behind the quality of our products. We communicate clearly and respond to your concerns. We set the manufacturing calendar and work to maintain it.
  • Organic integrity.
    Organic certificates are secured and maintained in our files. Upon request, we provide customers with copies of the certificates. We track the certified fiber through the supply chain when ever possible.
  • Authenticity.
    We speak plainly and responsibly. We do not use simplistic, euphemistic jargon such as "low impact" and "sustainable". We speak truthfully about the environmental impacts of processes, case in point bamboo rayon. We provide you with the pros and cons of choices.
  • Fabric performance features that have less impact upon health and the environment.
    Consumers expect their fabrics to perform. The future will bring functional finishes that will have less effect upon life on this planet. We will offer these advancements in textile manufacturing as they become available.
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