Sew Eco-Logical is no longer in business.

We are continuing this website as a resource for those seeking organic fabrics.

Sew Eco-Logical • 1-541-556-7472: The benefits of adding organic to your line.
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The benefits of organic include a rapidly growing market, a future for life on earth, healthy, proserous farm communities, and a healthy beginning for babies.
Terry Verett Pepper, November 19, 1956—April 15, 2007. Introduce organic to your company's management. Contact us. We'll lead you to information resources and connect you to farm tours. What is an 'Organic Textile'? How is it different from what you buy now?Read our Definition of Organic and Certification Standards. Terry Pepper Where do I find more information about the benefits of organic cotton? Definition of Organic and Certification Standards
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